This snapshot of my Irish Wolfhound, Topaz, was the advent of Topaz Graphics. When I first saw this picture, I knew it "was" Topaz. Her spirit, her soul, were revealed in the photo, and I had the perfect image of the Topaz that I knew would live forever in my memories. I believe that to be the quintessential essence of canine portraiture; to take not just a "pretty picture" but to capture the expressions and actions that keep our pets alive in our hearts and minds. Photos that invoke memories of the personalities that make each of them so very unique and so very special.

While my love of photography has expanded to include the natural world around us, canine portraiture remains at the heart of Topaz Graphics. With more than fifteen years of training and showing dogs I have the expertise to recognize and capture those precious expressions, and my assistant Tracy and I have the experience necessary to keep your dog(s) happy and relaxed during their photographic sessions. Group photo sessions for your pets are offered at The Groomer and Sandy Meadow Farm on an intermittent basis. I am currently booking for our holiday sitting at Sandy Meadow Farm the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, 2012.

While traditional photographs and many other gift items can be ordered through this site without contacting me, if you have any questions about any of the images, are interested in having your pet's portrait taken, or are wish to purchase or see samples of my fine art cards please feel free to contact me.